Forbidden Love

RANT (kind of)

Have you ever liked, or even loved somebody who was in a relationship? When that happens to me, my life is a living hell! WHY? I usually respect the girlfriends of my male friends or crushes (if they haven't done anything wrong to me) so if I like a guy whose in relationship, of course I won't be able to be all flirty with him since I have this little rule: Don't do or say anything to him that you wouldn't dare to mention or do when his girlfriend is there. As simple as that! If you like a guy who has a girlfriend, and you're alone with him and you're about to make a move on him, just think, if his girlfriend was there would you do the same thing?Of course not (maybe yes if you have attitude!). Sure, it sucks because in this equation you're the one in disadvantage, he gets the love of 2 girls, she gets the boy, and you get what? Loneliness and envy? That sucks! The only way to make yourself feel better is trying to get the love of the boy...but will that really work? are you willing to disrespect his girlfriend, yourself and even if it works and they eventually break up, will that make you feel better? Can you live with the guilt?

I know it sounds like I'm a weak person, rather than a go-getter that fights for her dream (the boy) no matter what it takes and eventually wins the prize, even if that means destroying his little (ex-)girlfriend. But to me, that's a little selfish, and the reason why I say this, is: think about it, if you had a man and this little bitch was hitting on him all the time while you weren't there, would you honestly like that? And even if the girl stealing your man was flirting in front of you with him, it doesn't make it acceptable! Helloo!!I'm right here? Get off my man! Gee attitude much?Don't treat people the way you wouldn't like to be treated (don't I just sound like your mum?). Plus, if you're the girl who stole her boyfriend, how can you 100% trust him, I mean he could be flirting with other 10 chicks behind your back, just like he did with his last girlfriend!

The only right thing in this situation is getting over him!That's difficult, I know, but what else can you do?! My best tip ever for getting over the guy: observe him and his girlfriend. Sure, it might be hard in the begging seeing them all kissy-kissy and hugging, but trust me, after a while you'll:

1) Observe how good they're for each other, that's why he's with HER and not YOU!


2) See how their relationship is okay, but they have their secrets and fights and you can already bet in 3 months they're gonna be over! Don't try and break them up on purpose, if it's meant to be, is going to happen anyway

Also, if the guy in a relationship is flirting with you, idk if you should even respond back! If this guy doesn't respect his girlfriend enough to be devoted, what makes you feel he respects you?!