Cheerleader Myths

You know those people who say, "cheerleaders are slutty dumb bimbos with blonde hair that have a low IQ and hang out in their little clique all the time!" Well today I will take all those myths and stereotypes, one by one and prove that they are all (or at least most) utter bullshit!

Cheerleaders have to be skinny!

Cheerleaders come in all shape and sizes, and in the heart of cheerleaders, there's enough space for fatties! And there should be cause they need a lot space...okay that was a bad pun (no offence to fat girls please! ♥). My point is, the mass of your body doesn't determine the amount of skill you have, so just because you're thin, doesn't mean you make a better dancer/cheerleader, au contraire, people like seeing a curvier girl shakin' that thang rather than one whose skin and bones. Mostly because there's more booty to stare at, simple as that.

However, if you are 240 lbs expect to be at the bottom of the pyramid, and don't have high hopes that someone will throw you up in the air someday....just sayin'! 

Now some people may argue, "LIAR! 80% of the cheerleaders that I've seen are all thin!!!1". Well yeah but that's not because fatter girls are not accepted in a squad, is just that cheerleading IS a sport and requires energy, and when you practice a lot and get your daily exercise, something occurs in nature, called burning fat, which magically turns you thin! Whoa bet'cha didn't know that! Which brings me to the next myth:

Cheerleading is not a sport!

This has been argued over for centuries! And personally, I believe cheerleading is half sport and half hobby....just like Obama is half black and half white ☮ It really depends on what type of cheerleading you are talking about. If you mean the one that contains gymnastics, aerobics and tumbling combined with a 2-minute dance routine with awesome mashed up songs in the background (of which you've probably seen a YouTube video before that left you speechless), then is most likely a sport:

If its the kind of cheerleading whose main goal is to attract male audience (and increase their blood pressure) at football/basketball games and looking as bootylicious and shaggable as possible while dancing, then is probably a hobby! Either way, cheerleading is awesome ♔

Cheerleaders are stoooopid!

Before I get into the argument, I  have to start off by saying that most of the people that say cheerleaders have a low IQ don't even know them on a level personal enough to judge their intelligence (or lack of it). But I see why they make the assumption that cheerios are morons. The stereotype portrays that cheerleaders are smokin' hot and have an amazing social life. Usually, the media makes it seem that every hot girl MUST lack brains, since, you know, the time you waste on bleaching that hair blonde (not to mention the chemicals from the bleach kills brain cells) takes precious hours that could have been used for studying. And girls don't go against this stereotype, I mean, don't you just love it when a guy points out a hot chick and you mention how dumb shit she is and how she lacks a personality?! I don't do that, but I'm sure as hell jealous insecure girls do, just to make themselves feel like they have an advantage compared to the hot "dumb" girl. Also, I have also noticed that so often stupidity in a girl is associated with having no personality. Huh?! Since when? It seems like once a girl is labelled as stupid, she cannot possibly have any interesting opinions,taste or traits of her own, other than being ditzy, clumsy and a bimbo (most likely a slut as well). Is funny, cause with guys, is totally different. If you take a look at movies, the stupid guys tent to be the humorous charismatic ones, while the stupid girls are whores.

However, back on the topic, I must say, I think this myth is half true!Reason: They are so many cheerios (or girls in general) out there that make themselves dumb while lookin' pretty just to resemble the stereotype. I don't why, usually for attention I guess, or they've been brain-washed. But this is only a part of all cheerleaders! Probably, like 25%. The rest, from my experience, are girls with goals, personality, skills and interesting traits. Not all of them are honour roll students, but I would say an average grade would be B+....maybe even a A- for some!

Cheerleaders are sluts!

Just like before, having a reputation of fucking around is part of the stereotype, as stupid people apparently get laid a lot...well hot stupid people (which, amusing enough, is quite common among adults and teens. kids use protection!). Okay a part of me believes this myth could be 100% true, if the word "sluts" was changed to the word "flirty"! But I think it only applies to the dancer type of cheerios, that entertain football matches by shaking their knockers like bonkers (hey, that rhymed!), or it would be easier to call them highschool/dancer cheerios? While the others (like the ones in the video I showed earlier) are the athletes cheerios.

Okay, back on track, the reason why I believe all dancer/highschool type of cheerleaders are flirty is because...well I JUST KNOW from my experience! All the girls in my squad, including me (yes I am a cheerleader) can be huge flirt bombs at times. And who can blame us? After practising routines, which can be suggestive at times,  for 2 hours, you do end up feeling quite sexy, so your flirty side shows up! Plus, being around cheerleaders just give you a happy vibe, like a confidence boost, and this attitude is kept all the time since that's how cheerios have to be, happy-go-lucky. You wouldn't like a cheerleader perform some emo shit to "cheer" you up when your favourite team is loosing the football match would you?!

Many people will accuse highschool/dancer cheerios of being full of themselves. However, as long as you don't act like a complete spoiled stuck-up bitch, I think being a bit full of yourself  and confident is a jewel that all teenager girls want to posses. Is quite a rare mood nowadays, and you have to admit, we all love a confident person. Except the sad jealous people. They think that's being narcissistic and/or a bimbo, lah!

Guys can't be cheerleaders

They can, but is usually gay fabulous ones that are prettier than you or fucking wankers with blue balls that want to look under your skirt. The end! Now here's some weird ass heart bunny thing. You HAVE to comment about how cute this shit is, I'm putting effort here lah! OMFG its moving!!!!!


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