Short Girl's Etiquette!

(or just consider yourself short)

Midget, shorty, shawty (thanks a lot Justin Bieber!), dwarf, hobbit...for some reason so many short girls get called those names! Whatever happened to cute, cuddly, fun-sized eh?!

However, today I'm going to share the short girl no-no's. You don't want to make yourself look even shorter than you are!

Don't wear light washed jeans!

I used to be a freak that wanted to collect every colour of jeans possible! I've bought pink, black, grey, cheetah print and other dark washed and light washed colours. Out of them all, only the ones with a dark wash fit me good (oh lah, I'm such a money waster!). Why? The light ones just make me look shorter and fatter! Same goes with the ones in cheetah print, and even thought they are the most comfortable jeans I own, I only wore them out once since they look so bad on me! Also, go for skinnies and boot cut! It would make your legs appear longer, plus the ones with a wide end just make you look like a hippie...Don't forget to get jeans that fit you as well! Short girls have great figure, so why hide it underneath baggy jeans?

Okay that picture is not proving my point, since her legs look nice, but if you are 5'0, it doesn't work that good! The picture is only to show what I mean by "light washed jeans"!

Avoid leg-warmers!

Last year I wore the cutest leg-warmers ever! I don't care what anyone said, they were the best! Hot pink and black, with a plaid design, puffy and warm! Awwww how much I loved them! But I noticed something...no matter how awesome-O my leg-warmers were, only the tall girls got complimented when wearing leg-warmers as well?! Even if their's were boring and plain! Last year I didn't know why, but now I realize that the leg-warmers really cut from the length of my legs. Weird, I still own that pair of hot pink leg-warmers, but I ditched wearing them long time ago!

No wide belts allowed!

This rule is kinda....bi-polar? Because I've seen a girl whose shorter than me, wearing a huge belt with a skull on it, and it looked rockin'! Also, they are short girls that can also look good with those tight wide belts around your waist. But there were also a few of my friends wearing wide chestnut coloured belts to match their UGGs, and it just seemed...odd? I think is because the curve of their body was cut in two by the belt? Probably. So the moral is: if you can't rock it, just change it!

Tall Chestnut UGGs are the last thing you want to buy!

Okay maybe part of me made this rule only because of my hatred for tall chestnut UGGs! However, I suggest when buying UGGs avoiding the tall ones. I, myself regret buying a pair of tall black ones, and it gets me so pissed when I think they are brand new, but I bought them only because the short and medium ones were sold out! DAMN YOU PEOPLE FOR BUYING ALL THE GOOD ONES! I'll admit, I have a bitter love for UGGs, they are ugly and make my legs fat and bulky, but when I wear them with skinnies, they look...OK. Not sexy or amazing, but OK. And my feet are probably the warmest part of my body when I go outside.

Woah this just turned into a UGG Boots rant! Remember kids: go for medium or short length uggs. I don't know if this applies to all boots, since it depends on the shape of them, but for long uggs, I can tell you, they make the legs of models look short!

Huge bags go away!

This one is pretty self-explanatory! You need a bag that fits you right, just like clothes! If you get one that's twice your size it would look ridiculous and it would give you a hard time when caring it. Plus, small bags are always cute! However if you need a bag for school, go for a tote bag that doesn't cover three quarters of your body. They are also many small sized bags out there that can fit a lot of things. Also, get a locker! Last year I was so stupid, I simply REFUSED to get a locker just to prove people I can carry my shit around. Not only I still have back pains, but now that I have a locker I realized how easy it is just to throw all my crap in there!

Know your skirts!

If you want to look hot when showing off your legs in skirts, you have to know which one fits you the best. There's a simple rule: the more leg you show, the longer they will seem! Okay I don't advise you to go for a super skanky micro-short skirt, but one that is at least above your knees should make you look shagable enough! Also, look where the skirt ends. If it ends at a part where your thigh is fat, it will give the impression that your whole leg is obese! But if it ends at a point where your thigh is slimmer, well you just hit jackpot, since it would give an overall illusion of thinner legs! Go you!

Flat shoes...

Even short girls have to own at least a pair of cute flats, or some flat winter boots so you won't slip on ice...but don't forget the heels in your wardrobe! Some tall girls can't wear shoes with high heels, since it would make them look like creepy giants, however, short girls are lucky, we can benefit from wedges, platform boots, high heels, etc! Sure, on looooong days you just want to wear something comfy, but you also have to remember to rock some heels in days when you just fell...HOT! In summer, ditch the gladiator shoes and go for sandals with wedges! Ditch the flats and go for pumps! Have a very big selection of different shoe types, so you can wear comfy, less-attractive stuff on your lazy days, but still rock hot shoes at least once a week! You might think, well I don't have the money for all these shoes! Well you don't need to buy all of them at once! Slowly collect shoes as the years go by, and take good care of them, so as you grow up, your shoe collection will get bigger! You will also save money from buying smaller bags, shorter UGGs, thinner belts, etc...and you can invest all those little savings in....SHOES! or college. It's your choice.


I know you may think: "those are my clothes, I paid good money for them, you can't tell me what to wear and all!" Gee don't get all defensive and mad, I'm just trying to give some advice from my experience! Of course if you are a short gothic girl, you won't just change your style over night just because you read in a blog that your wardrobe  doesn't match you body figure, this post is more for the people who are still creating their style, and still experimenting with different clothes.

Okay...we cool now? :)


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