New Year's Resolutions

2011 is approaching us. According to the Mayan Calendar, we have 1 more year to live. According to my calendar, that's total bullshit. However, I will set my mind to believe that we will all die in a year, just so...you know all that bollocks about Live your life to the fullest! and Enjoy every second! Well I can't do that unless I'm motivated! 2012 motivates me.

Now, for some reason people always write cheesy resolutions like "Next year, I will donate more! I will feed the orphans and bring World Peace!I will not be a consumer whore and I will drive a hybrid, cause I love nature like that! I will take more time to help the helpless". Well that's a shit resolution, and not because of it's aim, but because people just write those kind of resolutions to make themselves feel better, like they're actually going to help someone. They might attempt to fulfil them, but I can certainly tell you, 30% of them will fail and the other 70% will forget about their peace-bringing resolution by April. However, my resolutions are awesome this year! Plus I'll have them on my blog, so I'll never forget about them:

Have a smoken' hot boyfriend.

Girls have all kinds of boyfriends! The friend-who-is-more-than-a-friend boyfriend, the love at first sign boyfriend, the one you met on facebook, the one you can talk to about anything, the jerk, etc...However, I want the hot boyfriend. No, I don't really care that much about his personality. No, we don't have to connect in some kind of deep way. Yes, he has to be super hot! I'm young, and I just want to have fun for the moment. If you do that with random hot guys, you'll be considered a slut, but if you do it with your smokin' boyfriend, you'll be the envy of all girls! Guys always have trophy girlfriends, and I can see why. They want someone to have fun with, and proudly present to their friends to make them jealous! Well I want a trophy boyfriend! After that...I'll think about a serious relationship!

Start a make-up/art portfolio

I already have a quite generous art portfolio. If I keep going with it, in a few years it can even land me a job in the design industry! Yup, I am THAT talented. However I feel that my true love would be becoming a make-up artist. That's why I'm this year I want at least to start a make-up portfolio. If any make-up artist are reading this right now, please leave some tips in the comment section, or blog about it. See I'm giving you ideas for your next post! Don't you just love it when I do that?!☺ Yes. Yes you do!

Visit my friends from abroad 

I've been moving around the world, same with my friends! But our friendships are still strong! That's why I'm planning on visiting them (that would mean visit at least 3 different countries this year!). Ain't I just the perfect friend....yeah you bet'cha ass I am.

Win some cheerleading award

Not because I'm good, but because I want to be good! I suck ass at dance and cheerleading and all these stuff, but I'm planning on becoming bootylicious and a master! By award, I mean get picked to cheer at games/events or even receive an honour trophy! This year I will work my butt off for my award (speaking of butt, this resolution also motivates me to exercise to have a hotter body! yay!) 

Get this blog popular

I really put a lot of time in this blog, I hope by next year it will be spammed by comments saying how awesome I am and how I'm considered a God in a few countries! I also want to create a better template/skin/layout for it. This one sucks monkey dick, and I'm trying to compensate having a shit ass blog design by adding a lot of cute baloneys to my posts. Look a dog! Now how fucking cute is that?!

Okay now that you've seen my inspiring resolutions, tell me, what are yours? It doesn't have to be deep or meaningful, just something that would make you happy to accomplish. Even lame shit like watching all of the episodes at least 2 times of Desperate Houswives...ewk. Also, here's another cute-ass divider! YAY!


  1. Hey bad-ass!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. There is a nail polish that's pretty muchthe same colour as those shoes! I did a piece on it, it's called Electric Blue by Accessorize. I've used Eyelo stuff in the past but not reviewed what I got recently, will do when I get home from the parents in a few days. In the meantime loads of other bloggers have reviewed the brand if you wana browse the friends list.


  2. Rofl I love your attitude <3 Mine is to watch every single movie on netflix, buy more manga, and dye my cat's hair blue :3 and some other stuff but I won't say because I'm not sure if you're over 18 <3

  3. @!MandoLiN!

    Thanks! :)

    I'm such a loser I still watch movies on Megavideo and then get pissed when it stops after 72 minutes xD

    And I used to be a huge manga nerd... secretly, I still am :P

  4. Hey there is nothing wrong with megavideo!!!! I use that hahaha but i hate the 72 min mark but I LOVE when theres a glitch and you refresh and instead of 54 min you wait like 5 minutes LOL :) good blog!

  5. @Ivonne

    I like Megavideo as well, I watch all my shows that are not on tv any more there xD
    Yeah I have that glitch sometimes! What I always also get is that if I refresh it right after it shows the 54 min thing, it changes to 44 min. When it first happened I was like "wha...??" but i just go with it :P